White Paper: Emu Analytics; A sustainable future, preparing for electric vehicles

Emu Analytics, the London-based data-driven location intelligence experts, have produced a white paper on how organisations can best prepare for the uptake of electric vehicles. The information below is contained on the company’s website, while follow the link to download it.

Download here

What you will learn from this white paper

The uptake of Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the UK presents a great opportunity to work towards a sustainable future and realise significant economic, social and health benefits. However it poses organisations several challenges that need to be addressed, most notably the deployment of resliant charging infrastructure. This 50 page white paper makes recommendations on how organisations can best prepare for this transport revolution.

  • Local Authorities – understand where chargers will be required and by when. Including support for the Government ORCS.
  • Energy Providers and Distributors – discover the impact charging may have on supply and how new, innovative pricing and customer relation strategies could increase revenues.
  • Private Business – learn how adopting electric vehicle strategies across fleet management, employees and customers could save money and open up new revenue streams.
  • Transport Authorities – see how rolling out electric vehicles and charging infrastructure is crucial to meeting clean air initiatives in urban areas.