Innotech Insights introduces Crowded™, the ultimate solution for Pedestrian Movement Data


Our InsightsHUB technologies and Crowded™ Analytics Platform is the most accurate, advanced and cost effective pedestrian tracking system on the market today and has been specifically developed to offer an intelligent, scalable solution to the growing demand in real-world, real-time pedestrian movement information.

Features include

– >90% crowd sample rate

– Remote cloud integration

– Automated Crowd Analytics Platform

– Advanced communications options including 4G, Sigfox and LoRa

– Interactive client login

The Crowded™ platform is the most advanced cloud integrated, IoT device detection system available on the data collection market. As a self-contained solution it provides pedestrian movements, crowd observation, individual journey times, popular route information and volume data collection all in one package.

The Crowded™ Analytics Platform stores crowd data from an unlimited number of HUBs on any scale project, anywhere in the world! Through a personalised online login, each client can view clear, informative charts and visualisations based on the auto-analytics including dwell times, visitor volume by time, individual journeys and more. In addition, clients can securely download raw, anonymised list data from each project location for independent data interrogation and verification.

Crowded™ is available for both temporary and permanent installations in almost any environment and at any scale.  

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