How is helping airports operate smoothly


AIRPORTS worldwide face the challenge of every day changes due to various influencing factors.

Sometimes even small delays can cause severe trouble within the terminal environment

if no action will be taken to prevent these. In order to foresee the effects of delays it is necessary

to have a solution in place that helps Terminal operators to identify bottlenecks beforehand.


Amorph Systems is a leading provider of operational passenger flow simulation at airports.

With installations worldwide, we offer solutions for large hubs to small regional airports.

Having been the first company to provide an agent-based simulation engine able to run in

operational mode some years ago, we developed a flexible platform,, for simulation and

data analytics, to create transparency during the day of operations for our customers.


At Frankfurt airport this was the case some years ago, being unable to handle queues before they occur.

Since the usage of, Frankfurt airport reduced waiting times, increased efficiency and thereby

costs of service and improved year by year in passenger ratings worldwide. With our platform running,

all stakeholders like security companies, federal police and border control officers, airlines, ground handlers

are able to get access to the current predictions of flows and forecasted waiting times, to improve their own

process efficiency. With the capability to integrate all necessary data sources from AODB to measurement systems,

RMS to flight information provider, as a platform can be shared with all stakeholders to support

the operational decision process.


Latest improvement on the platform is the coupling between planning & operations as achieved at Frankfurt airport.

This closes the gap of updating KPI´s and planning parameters towards operations and their daily forecasts.

With the platform you will be able to optimize your resource efficiency up

to 20% in aspect of the daily changes within flight schedules and the corresponding demand

allocation at check-points towards the staffing and the use of resources.

If you want to learn more about us and the advantage of using operational flow prediction,

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Amorph Systems is also part of several European research projects to create the future IT

for automatization across multiple industries. Creating the future of IT, Amorph Systems

therefore works on practical use cases for machine learning and Industry 4.0, the future

of the connected factory. Amorph Systems is your partner when it comes to prediction,

simulation and joint development of innovative IT.