Case study: Radio Locus; tracking dwell time for retailers

Radio Locus case study



The Indian retail segment is one of the most vibrant industries in the country today. Retailers are constantly trying to innovate, establish a top-of-the-mind recall for their brand in the minds of the customers and increase the sales. Through CRM softwares, retailers have a wealth of information from the sales data that is collected, but this still acts as a horse blinder.

To get the overall picture retailers need to have a technology that they could use to study the behavior of customers once they enter the store and also across all their stores. They need something that will help them analyze and implement new strategies to increase their reach to the customers. RadioLocus is a preeminent technology that helps retailers understand the interactive patterns of the customers on the basis of the time they spend in your store. This occurrence is called Dwell time.

If you’re a retailer, with RadioLocus you can now find out the ‘Dwell Time’ of your customers in your stores. Its unprecedented metric showcases the behavior of the potential customers once they enter your store. It helps your store to identify how much time a customer spends in particular section of the store, the success of marketing campaigns and various store performances across locations. It is known that the higher the time spent by a customer in your store; the higher the sales. This valuable data once gathered, can be used to lure the customers and enable them to linger on in the store for a little more time than they otherwise would.

Take for instance; just knowing the number of visitors in your store does not give you much to work with. If you can analyze the impact of which specific product group or department has the maximum footfall you can plan your strategy accordingly. You could also make efforts to redirect those customers to the next recommended destination or promote the latest offering in those sections for higher impressions.

You could also compare footfalls of sections with actual conversions and plan your inventory accordingly, knowing all too well the conversion rate.

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